The Beast from The Chase has lost a huge amount of weight 4 years ago

The Beast from The Chase has lost a huge amount of weight

It comes after he stripped off on TV last year.

Mark Labbett, probably known more commonly to you as "The Beast", has announced on social media that he has lost a load of weight.


For the past six months The Chase star has changed his eating habits significantly, focussing on reducing his sugar intake.

The weight loss has been so big that the show's producers have had to buy him a new suit and he decided to let actress Lisa Riley, who has undergone a similar transformation, know on Twitter.

The 52-year-old tweeted: "@Reallisariley I am not at your level yet but in last six months dropped 2.5 stones, four inches off chest and six inches off stomach :)."



Two and a half stone! What an effort.

If you're wondering whether they might need to change his sobriquet due to the dramatic change in his bulk, fear not, it actually has nothing to do with his size.


The uncommon surname of the former maths teacher, Labbett, actually has another meaning in French. "La Bête" in French means "The Beast": hence the nickname.