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13th Mar 2018

The actor who played Tracy Beaker is living a completely different life now

Kyle Picknell

This is how the concept of time works, to be fair.

After the news yesterday that the character will be returning as a single mother living in a council flat it’s only fitting that we check in on the star of the CBBC show and icon for frizzy-haired people worldwide, Dani Harmer. She’s 29 now, by the way. Do you feel old? You should. You really should.

She even welcomed her first child with boyfriend Simon Brough in June 2016 and called her Avarie-Belle Betsy Brough, for some reason. Yep. Little Tracy Beaker is all grown up and given her child four names as a first name. How do you feel?

It’s fair to say she’s had a bit of an up and down career since her Tracy Beaker days. First she starred in another fairly successful kid’s show, Dani’s House in 2008, before embarking on an extremely short-lived music career which only culminated in the single “Free”, which was also the theme to the show. The debut album she recorded was, surprisingly, never released.

She most recently appeared in front of a national audience in 2012, when she came in a very respectable fourth place on that year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing. Not a medal finish but still. Respectable.

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If, for whatever reason, you are desperate to see the former queen of the Dumping Ground, you can catch her in a panto performance of Beauty and the Beast this Easter.

With Bobby Davro. In Scunthorpe. I’m honestly not sure if this promotional image is intentional or not and Bobby Davro is actually playing the role of Beauty. I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Yeah, it’s still a no from me too.


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