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24th Aug 2015

The 15 most inspirational speeches in sports movie history

Let's do this...


Inch by inch, play by play, until we’re finished.

Who doesn’t love a good inspiring speech?

A bit of motivation from the big screen at the right time rarely fails to leave spines tingled so we’ve recapped over our favourite speeches in sports movie history and there’s not even room for Hoosiers or Mighty Ducks.

Unfortunately, war and gladiator-fighting doesn’t fall under the category of sport so Gladiator and Braveheart are left out. But, hey, four Rocky moments make amends for that.

Here’s a list, in descending order, of the moments that really speak to us in some of our favourite films.

15. Glory Road

Take it.

14. Invictus

Listen to your country.

13. We Are Marshall

They don’t know your heart.

12. Rocky Balboa

Let’s start building some hurtin’ bombs.

11. Warrior

You don’t knock him out, you don’t have a home.

10. Moneyball

Is losing fun?

9. Friday Night Lights

Boys, my heart is full.

8. Coach Carter

Your playing small does not serve the world.

7. Rocky Balboa

It ain’t about how hard you hit.

6. The Fighter

I never had it to win, did I?

5. Rocky IV

To beat me, he’s going to have to kill me.

4. Miracle

Not this game. Not tonight.

3. Any Given Sunday

That’s what living is: the six inches in front of your face.

2. Rocky

All I wanna do is go the distance.

1. Remember the Titans

Leave no doubt.