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22nd Dec 2022

Line of Duty reportedly returning for new three-episode series

Charlie Herbert

Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey!

Line of Duty is reportedly making a shock comeback with three episodes making up a brand new series for fans.

After the somewhat divisive ending to the last series in spring 2021, many have wondered whether this was truly the end for AC-12, or whether we’d be treated to one final rodeo with Steve Arnott, Kate Fleming and the ever-iconic Ted Hastings.

Rumours have been swirling of the show’s return ever since the end of the sixth series, and now one insider has said Line of Duty will be returning with an “explosive climax” for a new series made up of three episodes.

They told the Sun: “There’s a strong feeling that there was unfinished business.

“There was a very strong feeling, particularly among fans, that there was unfinished business with Line of Duty.

“Viewers weren’t satisfied with the ending of series six and were crying out for a more sensational conclusion — now Jed can deliver that.

“The question is whether the person we were led to believe was H really is the villain that AC-12 has been hunting or if it was another nemesis.

“There’s also a theory another, darker puppet-master is at work.”

The source added: “The fact that they’re looking at taking the unusual step of making three episodes rather than the usual six or seven is a reflection of just how special this is for the show.”

Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston, who played Kate Fleming, Ted Hastings and Steve Arnott, are all reportedly returning.

The cast have always refused to rule out a return for the show, with the ending of the last series left deliberately open it would seem.

Previously, McClure said: “I speak to the lads all the time and we’d love to, we’re all game. I think it’s just a case of now – Martin, I think he’s in about nine shows or something. He’s busy [but] I’m sure we’ll get there.”

And Dunbar said: “I think generally there’s a willingness amongst everybody to do something but I think we’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer.”

Meanwhile Martin added: “I’m so chuffed that people want it back.

“But who knows? I’d love to work with the guys again. Adrian, Vicky and Jed are genuinely some of my closest friends. It’s been ten years together and we speak every other day, really.”

The show is one of the BBC’s most successful, and the last series was no different with the finale being watched by more than 15 million viewer, setting the record for the most watched episode of any drama since records began in 2002.

It has been a critical success as well, winning a number of awards, including Best Drama Series at this year’s National Television Awards.

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