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23rd Sep 2020

Cake of Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge on Great British Bake Off will haunt you forever

Wil Jones

Warning: the following article includes images that will haunt your dreams forever

The Great British Bake Off returned to Channel 4 on Tuesday evening. And the opening episode’s Showstopper will linger in the memories of all those who were unlucky enough to experience its terrifying visuals.

Basically, it was cake week, and for the final challenge, the contestants had to make a three-dimensional cake bust of their hero. Or, in layman’s terms, make a cake of a celeb.

And so, we got what must be the greatest television moment of 2020: somebody baking a cake of Tom DeLonge, the former singer from Blink-182 who quit the group to investigate UFOS.

Here is the real Tom DeLonge:

It looks more like Steve Buscemi going “Hello, Fellow kids.”

What other celebrities were immortalised in cake form?

Well, there was Depressed Version of Man on the Pringles Can (actually Freddie Mercury)

Jurgen Klopp (actually Louis Theroux)

Character actor Bob Balaban (Bill Bryson).

A melted David Bowie with a massive flesh wound across his face (David Bowie).

The witch from Spirited Away (David Attenborough).

Charles Darwin, Chris Hoy, Marie Antoinette, Lupita Nyong’o and Jamaican poet Louise Bennett-Coverley also had the honour of being depicted in cake.

The Great British Bake-Off opened with a special skit featuring new host Matt Lucas impersonating the prime minister, riffing on the new Covid measures that had been announced earlier in the day.

The episode was delayed by 15 minutes due to Boris Johnson’s pre-recorded message being broadcast at 8pm, which appeared to anger some eager Bake Off fans.

But they were compensated with a hilarious sketch, mocking the prime minister.

Aside from Lucas’ uncanny impression of Johnson, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood all featured in the sketch too, playing the roles of the advisors either side of Lucas as Johnson, with Noel Fielding asking a question via video link. The question? How to pronounce scone.