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25th Jul 2016

Taylor Swift won’t be happy with Calvin Harris’ choice of new best mate

They met all because of J.Lo...

Rebecca Keane

The #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty doesn’t look likely to end anytime soon…

Last night held the birthday party celebrations of Hollywood’s very own Superwoman, Jennifer Lopez.

The singer celebrated in true style with celebs from all around the world making an appearance at her big bash in Las Vegas.

J. Lo cut an extremely fine figure for her 47th birthday, looking like a woman more than half her age.

But it was the burgeoning friendship of two of her famous guests that has everybody talking.

Following singer Taylor Swift’s fall from grace, people are only delighted that her enemies have told the truth concerning her once squeaky-clean public image.

Celebrities such as Calvin Harris, Katy Perry and Kanye West have all had their hand in throwing Taylor to the wolves but it was Kim Kardashian who truly destroyed the Shake It Off singer’s credibility over the release of Kanye’s Famous.

Taylor’s ex Calvin and her enemy Kim seem to have hit it off at J. Lo’s party as a picture released showed the pair hanging out together, with many speculating they spent their time talking about the thing they have in common – a dislike of Taylor.

Fans took to Twitter to speculate on what the pair could have possibly talked about considering the recent explosion of revelations about Taylor.

Other people in attendance were UFC champion Conor McGregor and  his partner Dee Devlin, along with Cristiano Ronaldo.