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04th Jan 2017

Susanna Reid shuts down Piers Morgan’s awkward attempt at flirting

He made her an offer she definitely could refuse.

Mike Wright

It seems Piers Morgan will never learn.

No matter how many time he launches cringe worthy attempts to flirt with his Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid, they never ever end well.

And this morning was no exception.

While the presenters were discussing whether Piers should appear in a lip sync battle Morgan warmed up by casually slipping in he’d already been invited onto the show.

The former Daily Mirror editor then suggested he and Susanna could take part together and do Phil Collins’s A Groovy Kind of Love. A suggestion that managed to make him appear as creepy as his music taste is dated.

How could his co-host turn down such an offer?

Well, emphatically and instantaneously it turns out, as Reid shot back immediately saying: “I am not doing anything with you”.

Is it just us or did it just get a bit colder in here.