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19th Jan 2017

Surprising moment Pointless contestant finds answer right in front of her

Beyond meta.

Tom Victor

We’ve all been in that situation where we’re stuck for an answer so we look around for clues.

It happens in interviews. It happens in pub quizzes. It happens pretty much anywhere.

We thought the biggest stroke of genius on TV quiz show pointless came earlier this month, when contestant Tasha won the jackpot for her and her sister thanks to her boyfriend’s fantastic piece of advice.

However, another contestant – Linda – has arguably gone one better.

After being asked to name any artist who featured in the top 40 biggest albums list of 2015, Linda decided to look around for clues. And one of them was staring her right in the face.

Perhaps more people would have given Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong as an answer if he had been conducting the traditional survey, but no one did…except for Linda.

She identified Armstrong’s ‘A Year of Songs’ – a covers album that reached number six in the UK charts – as a potential Pointless answer.

And, well…

Unless Armstrong is an absolutely fantastic actor, he was genuinely shocked to learn he was not only an eligible answer, but a pointless one. And we’ve seen him act before. That’s right, we haven’t forgotten Saxondale.

Of course he’s not the only daytime quiz show host with a successful sideline in music. Bradley Walsh, who hosts ‘The Chase’, had the best-selling debut album of 2016.

Viewers loved the moment, though, and it will go down as one of the best in Pointless history.

Oh, and because we know you were desperate to find out, here’s a taste of the presenter’s musical talents.