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05th May 2019

This supercut of Ted Hastings in Line of Duty is incredible

Wil Jones

“Fella!” “Bent coppers!” “Mother of God!”

The fifth season of Line of Duty comes to close on Sunday evening, with an extended finale which promises to reveal some deep, hidden secrets. There are no spoilers here though, don’t worry.

But whether you are counting down the minutes and seconds until the last episode airs, or you have just discovered the show on Netflix, any fan of Line of Duty will enjoy this video.

Here is every time Adrian Dunbar’sSuperintendent Ted Hastings says “Fella!” “Bent coppers!” or “Mother of God!”, in one convenient, easy-to-use supercut.

It was put together by Twitter user Scot Bryan – who also offered up some raw hard data and charts on the world of Ted Hastings catchphrases.

This is information that Ted Hastings scholars will be pouring over for years to come.

Line of Duty started out on BBC Two and was one of the channel’s biggest hits before making the move to BBC One because of its success.  The fifth season debuted March, and has continued to be a ratings smash, pulling in 7.8 million viewers and becoming the most watched show of 2019 s0 far.

Line of Duty might come to a conclusion this evening, but if you are looking to fill that void in your life, here are ten other shows on Netflix you should binge to plug the gap.