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22nd May 2018

Suits star explains why he looked bored off his mind during the Royal Wedding

When a wedding isn't as Litt as you would expect

Paul Moore

When a wedding isn’t as Litt as you would expect

Now that Price Harry and Meghan Markle are happily married, the rest of the world can continue to avoid all mention of the Royal Wedding amuse themselves at the event that was.

We’re not sure if Bane – better known as the incredibly cool and newly-bald Tom Hardy – told Harry that he “merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it” before the wedding, or if Chelsy Davy is happy with her newfound fame as a meme, but we hope that everyone had a good time.

With millions of people watching and so many famous faces on show, it’s inevitable that the cameras picked up a ‘minor’ moment when someone looked bored off their mind and that honour fell to Meghan Markle’s former co-star on Suits, Rick Hoffman.

As fans of the show will know, Hoffman plays the scheming, intelligent and not entirely trustworthy lawyer, Louis Litt.

In his defence, the Royal Wedding was a long affair and sadly, viewers noticed a temporary moment where Hoffman wasn’t exactly fully ‘engaged’ with the proceedings.

Having played a lawyer on TV, we’re certain that he’s able to defend himself.

Anyway, shortly after the ceremony, Hoffman posted a video to Instagram to clear up his expression.

“So to answer any questions about the weird face that was made at the wedding, imagine sitting next to people to your right — not knowing which person it was — that has halitosis. Um. Hence the face. That is apparently all over the place. So it’s as simple as that, Charlie. Love you guys. Yah. Halitosis. Disgusting,” he said.

Mmm, we’re curious if Harvey Specter would have reacted in the same way.