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07th Nov 2020

Succession season three will start filming this month

Actor Alan Ruck has confirmed that filming for the third season of the greatest show on TV, Succession, will resume this month

Reuben Pinder

The best show on television is on its way back

We are one step closer to getting a third season of Succession. Over a year since the second season finished, filming for its third instalment will begin this month, actor Alan Ruck, who plays the older brother Connor, has confirmed.

“We’re going to start in New York right around the middle of November,” said the actor on latest episode of People TV’s Couch Surfing.

Ruck also discussed the characters portrayed in the show, which depicts the chaotic and often tragic battle for power inside the family of a media mogul who has drawn comparisons to Rupert Murdoch,

“They don’t wear warm clothing, because they go right from the helicopter into the limousine, so the most they’ll wear is a suit jacket,” he said.

“They don’t wear any overclothes or any gloves or any hats, or any warm weather gear, unless they’re hunting or something.”

The obscenity of wealth and the problems it brings are a consistent theme throughout the show which won Outstanding Drama at the Emmys and has 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ruck’s character in particular demonstrates the delusion that comes with inherited wealth, as Connor decides to run for President of the United States, having never worked a day in his life.


The third season of the show will follow the fall-out between Logan and Kendall, who betrayed his father at the end of season 2. After agreeing to take the hit for the PR disaster Waystar Royco were facing, Kendall told the world his father was a “malignant presence” and cast an eye over every inch of his empire, and was thus well aware of all the wrongdoing at the company.

The bombshell made for one of the greatest season finales of all time, and season three should be just as good.

When filming will be finished, nobody knows. You’d expect it to be another year before season three reaches our screens. In the meantime, rewatch seasons one and two on NowTV.