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16th Jul 2018

WATCH: The first teaser for Stranger Things Season 3 is here and creeping us out

Rory Cashin

Looks like we’re heading somewhere brand new… and we know when we’ll be heading there.


So we know that Steve is still very much a part of the Stranger Things story going into Season 3, but so far, that is all we know.

That and the fact that Hawkins, Indiana is about to get their very own super shopping mall, as the promo video below tells us.

We also find out that the mall (and, we’re guessing, the show) will arrive “next summer”, which means we’ll most likely be getting Season 3 in Summer 2019.

Clip via Netflix

All of that talk StarCourt Industries has us believe that the mall itself may very well end up just being another evil government, or even private enterprise, front for something much more insidious.

Plus, the new mall setting, tied in with the 80s setting, has us immediately thinking about Dawn Of The Dead. Could we be seeing the Stranger Things gang heading into a kind of zombie siege situation? That is a very exciting proposition.

Additionally, the Mayor of Hawkins (Cary Elwes) has drafted a letter to the people of his town about the incoming shopping mall. Nothing to read into there at all, we’re sure…