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01st Jan 2019

We now have the official release date for Stranger Things 3

Rory Cashin

We’ve also got a brand new creepy trailer…

You have to give it to Netflix… they know how – and when! – to drop a trailer.

Perfectly timed, the New Year’s Eve teaser gives us a perfect retro feel of Dick Clark’s annual celebrations, before instilling a mounting sense of dread and creepiness.

Whereas the last trailer gave us a Dawn Of The Dead-vibe (mostly because it was set in a shopping mall), this new trailer seems to be part War Games, part Poltergeist to us.

There is definitely a vibe of techno-phobia in here, and we’re sure clever clog fans can figure out what the hidden messages might mean: “When Blue And Yellow Meet In The West” and “Run Program SilverCatFeeds” are the two we spotted.

We’ve previously reported on some of the plot points of the new season – including some potentially interesting movie influences – but there’s still no sign of what will actually be tormenting the townsfolk of Hawkins, Indiana.

Turns out we’ll have quite a while to figure it out, as Stranger Things 3 will be released on Netflix on Thursday 4 July.

Clip via Netflix