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23rd Apr 2019

Stephen King raves about Netflix’s terrifying new zombie show

Wil Jones

Black Summer dropped earlier this month

If Stephen King says something is scary, you should probably listen.

Stephen King is, of course, the man behind The ShiningITCarrieCujo, The Mist, Misery and many, many more classics, so he certainly knows a thing or two about horror. So it is worth paying attention to his recommendations.

And the latest thing King is raving about? Netflix’s new zombie series Black Summer.

Black Summer is a prequel series to another cult zombie show, Z Nation.

Starring Jamie King from Sin City, it is set just a few weeks after the start of the zombie outbreak that leads  to Z Nation‘s post-apocalyptic setting.

King plays a mother desperately trying to find her daughter during the first summer of the zombie uprising.

Stephen King praised the show for its no-fuss approach to horror, calling it “Existential hell in the suburbs, stripped to the bone.”

“No long, fraught discussions. No endless flashbacks, because there’s no back story. No grouchy teens. Dialogue is spare. Much shot with a single handheld camera, very fluid.

“Showrunners could learn a lot from this. If they could work, that is.”

All eight episodes of Black Summer were released direct to Netflix at the beginning of April.