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28th Mar 2018

It all starts to fall apart for Pat Phelan on Coronation Street tonight

Keeley Ryan

Fans won’t want to miss this.

Gary Windass and Seb Franklin are joining forces on Coronation Street tonight to try and bring down Pat Phelan once and for all.

During the double bill on Wednesday night, the pair are convinced they’ve got a new lead that will finish off the evil builder for good and break into the mill site after hours.

It all begins when Seb others talk of the concrete pillars on the site being dug up due to the shoddy quality of Phelan’s work.

The teenager becomes even more intrigued when he learns the suspicious circumstances behind why the pillars were laid in the first place.

Convinced that Phelan used the concrete to hide the gun he used to kill Like, Seb turns to Gary for help on what to do next.

And after Gary agrees to help Seb in his search for the missing weapon, the would-be deceive duo break into the building site and begin to smash up the concrete pillars with sledgehammers.

But, as Corrie fans are well aware, the concrete pillars are actually where Andy Carver and Vinnie Ashford’s bodies are hidden.

Which means that Seb and Gary are in for a whole lot more than they ever could have bargained for – especially when the police turn up to arrest them.