Marvel announce title for new Spider-Man film with hilarious video 1 year ago

Marvel announce title for new Spider-Man film with hilarious video

This movie is shaping up to be truly incredible

The third Spider-Man movie is one of the most eagerly anticipated movies in ages, and not just because we haven't been in a cinema in what feels like 10 years.


And at long last, we finally have a title and a release date for the third movie starring Tom Holland as the titular character, after Marvel revealed the title with a brilliant video containing Holland and his co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya, which poked fun at Holland's well-known habit of leaking information from Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Spider-Man No Way Home will be released in cinemas this Christmas, it has been confirmed. Earlier in the week, all three leading actors from the franchise posted images to social media, each with a different title for the upcoming film, before the true title was confirmed.


That loveable trio just seem so nice, don't they? A worrying lack of social distancing though...


There are plenty of reasons to be excited for this upcoming movie - the potential WandaVision tie-ins, how brilliant the past two have been, and the post-credit scene from Spider-Man Far From Home.


But without a doubt, the most exciting thing about this upcoming movie is the rumoured cameos from Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

The two most recent Spider-Men before Holland are heavily linked with a potential feature in the movie, and with all that's going on in WandaVision at the minute, we would not be one bit surprised if we see them on our screen.

Either way, we are now counting down the days until Christmas for Santa Clause and Spider-Man.