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14th Jun 2018

Sophie Turner has just got the perfect Game of Thrones tattoo

James Dawson

Goes to show how much the TV series means to her

Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner has got a new tattoo and it might give viewers a clue about her character’s future.

Her new ink features an intricate drawing of a dire wolf along with ‘the pack survives’ – a reference to a phrase used earlier in the show.

In the first series, Sansa’s dad Ned Stark coins the phrase ‘the lone wolf dies but the pack survives’.

However, Turner getting the tat has led to fans thinking that Sansa Stark and her remaining relatives will survive the remainder of the show.

One user on Instagram wrote: “That’s a spoiler I think, it means all the rest of the Stark family survive.”

Another added: “Omg is this a spoiler?”

We’ll have to wait until at least next year to find out whether the tattoo is a spoiler or not.

However, as reported previously, HBO have also commissioned spinoffs of the show and it appears that they’ve still got big plans to launch even more spinoffs from the world’s most popular show.

George R.R Martin recently provided an update on the new show via this blog, revealing that HBO are still pushing ahead with plans to develop more shows.