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Grab your muumuu and fat guy hat.

There have have been many, many Simpsons games over the years - but generally most of them have been pretty awful. The original 1991 arcade game is a classic, and Hit and Run on the PS2 was ok. But that’s about it.

This rather brilliant fan video though imagines at Super Nintendo-style 16 bit game based on one of the show’s all time greatest episodes, ‘King Sized Homer’. That’s the one where Homer gains 61 pounds so he claim a disability and work from home.

Sadly, it’s not a playable game, just a video imagining what it would be like. Still, it’s pretty great, transforming the episode into an R-Type shooting game, as Homer flies along in his muumuu.

There’s also nods to other classic Simpsons moments, like Kodos and Kang, Lard Lad Donuts, and a Mr Sparkle box.

Here’s the whole video.


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