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22nd Jun 2017

Someone is suing John Oliver and his show Last Week Tonight

We're looking forward to seeing how the British comedian reacts to this...

Rory Cashin

John Oliver has made fun of just about everyone since his show began in April 2014.

He regularly goes after Donald Trump, his entire staff and most of his family. For equal opportunists, he has also poked fun at Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton over the years.

The British government, the Queen, Vladimir Putin, the tobacco industry and FIFA have all been in cross-hairs over the years.

Almost everyone has taken it on the chin, but not Murray Energy Corporation’s CEO Robert Murray.

Mr Murray sent the show a cease-and-desist letter when their research team began prodding them. The British comedian didn’t hold back once the show aired last Sunday on HBO.

And now, according to The Daily Beast, Murray is suing Oliver, the Last Week Tonight writers, HBO, and Time Warner for “[executing] a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character of and reputation of [himself] and his companies.”

Oliver clearly knew what he was getting into, as he stated on the show:

“I have to proceed with caution. I’m not going to say, for instance, that Bob Murray looks like a geriatric Dr. Evil, even though he clearly does.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how Oliver reacts to this.