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04th Jun 2018

Socialite born into obscene wealth says poor people are poor because of their attitude

Wayne Farry

It is as yet unknown just how much work she did to contribute to her inherited wealth

A cast member from the television show Made In Chelsea has criticised poor people in an Instagram post by sharing an excerpt of a book which claims that poor people are poor and will remain poor because of their “negative” attitudes.

Mimi Bouchard, a 21-year-old socialite who joined the cast of the reality TV show ahead of the latest season, posted the excerpt of the book called Think And Grow Rich, a self help book which was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill on an Instagram story.

For those of you not in the know, Made In Chelsea is a show about young, good looking London residents whose parents got jobs and became extremely wealthy so that their children would never have to know the horror of working a day in their lives.

The cast includes a number of tanned men and woman who enjoy bottles of champagne, expensive meals and going on holidays, and as such contains cast members who are in the ideal position to make judgement calls on the work ethic of the working class and poor.

Bouchard herself is a Canadian socialite who is cousins with professional tennis player Genie Bouchard. According to profiles about her, she moved to London in the past year, originally to Fulham and then to Chelsea harbour.

Now, while many of you might believe that the relative lack of financial worries experienced throughout her life might make her a poor candidate to critique the laziness of those suffering through poverty, we cannot in all good conscience discount the level of sheer positive thinking she must have done prior to her birth.

As someone born into about as working class a family as you could get, without the luxury of a rich relative who could fund my lifestyle, I only wish my own familial predecessors had possessed as positive an attitude as Mimi. Oh well.