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12th Apr 2016

What happens when you ask Siri about Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones

Dead is dead... Or is it?

Jordan Gold

Siri is bored of finding restaurants, now she wants to be a cultural critic.

In a bizarre fusion of tech and entertainment, actress Kerry Washington, best known for her role in Scandal, asked her smartphone if Game Of Thrones character Jon Snow is really dead or not.

Since GoT is on everyone’s minds right now, and since Siri has an uncanny habit of accurately predicting the future, it seemed a logical question to ask.

However, Siri has probably been asked the question so many times over the past few weeks that if she were a real person she’d be losing the will to live by now.

Perhaps that’s why Apple’s programmers decided to issue this automated Game Of Thrones response. Either way, Siri knows nothing more than you do, so no spoilers here.

Since Kerry published the results of her chat with Siri many people have been busy trying to replicate it on their own devices.

So far Siri has come back with some different, even more creepy and abstract, answers. She’s not wrong though.