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31st Jul 2015

Sir Paul McCartney needs Help! remembering lost Beatles tracks


Sir Paul McCartney says he lost “dozens” of potential Beatles songs.

Macca has revealed he completely forgot numerous tracks he thought up with his bandmate John Lennon in the 1960s because they had no method of recording the melodies and would forget them by the time they reached the studio.

He told the Evening Standard: “Things have changed quite a bit.

“You’ve got recording devices now which change the songwriting process. For instance, John and I didn’t have them when we first started writing, we would write a song and just have to remember it.

Paul McCartney Performs At O2 Arena In London

“And there was always the risk that we’d just forget it. If the next morning you couldn’t remember it – it was gone. In actual fact you had to write songs that were memorable, because you had to remember them or they were lost! There must have been dozens lost this way.”

The special ‘erb cigarettes probably didn’t help…

And he might be 73 but he added “I still have millions of things I want to record and do.”

– McCartney’s early ‘80s back-to-back classic albums Tug of War and Pipes of Peace have been given a lavish reissue treatment, which you can pre-order from now.