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30th May 2016

Simon Cowell narrowly escaped a very embarrassing slip up during Britain’s Got Talent final

Close call

Cathy Donohue

To be fair, he saved it well.

The grand final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent took place on Saturday night and as it was the tenth anniversary of the show, it was a pretty big deal.

We won’t blame you if you missed it, especially since it took place at the same time as the all-Madrid Champions League final.

But if you had tuned in, you might not know just how close you were to being treated to full on Simon Cowell faceplant.

As the judges came out onto the stage, Cowell narrowly avoided falling flat on his face after tripping slightly on Amanda Holden’s extravagant dress.

Cowell managed to stay upright but his colleague was quick to share a clip of the incident with the caption: ‘Nice trip Simon Cowell’.

And some of the backstage crew spotted the near fall too and were more than happy to rip the piss out of the music mogul.

Unfortunately for creators of the show, they couldn’t avoid a fall of a different kind as the overnight viewing figures were announced as the lowest in the competition’s history.

Falling below the previous record set in 2014, Saturday night’s finale was the first in Britain’s Got Talent history to fail to break the 10m viewers mark.