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18th Jan 2018

Simon Cowell and David Walliams have public spat over huge pay demand

James Dawson

It all kicked off.

Simon Cowell and David Walliams took swipes at one another during Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Blackpool.

The 58-year-old music mogul slammed  Walliams on the opening day of auditions, after Simon asked contestants what they would spend the prize money were they to win.

In response, David said: “It’s all about money with Simon.”

Only for Simon to reply: “Seeing as your agent asked for a 50% pay rise, that’s a bit rich coming from you.”

David then began muttering under his breath and later told the crowd he was swearing at him, with Amanda Holden suggesting they get a swear box. Banter, or what?

The Little Britain comedian also left an audience shocked after making a bizarre comment about a child magician’s deceased pet.

The Sun reports that Brook Exley, who is aged just 12, told the judges that the rabbit he used for his magic tricks had recently died after taking to the stage.

“His name was Albert, we don’t have him anymore, he died,” Brook said.

However David insensitively replied: “Don’t worry, he’s dog food now.”

David was then apparently told to watch his mouth by producers due to the number of young people in the audience.