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19th Apr 2016

This sex technique can test how compatible you are with your partner

Something new to try...

Carl Anka

Channel 4 programme Sex Box has been an eyebrow-raising looking into sex and relationships.

Between the post-coital interviews and the advice given from sexologist Goedele Liekens, there’s been plenty of talk on how to be a better, more attentive, lover.

This week’s edition saw another interesting pointer, with Liekens suggesting “If the love is there, the vagina will suck the penis in itself”.

Apparently, couples can test how intense their love is by adopting “The Lotus Position” – where the gentleman sits upright similar to the Lotus in yoga, while their parter sits on top and wraps their legs around him.

Goedele suggested if a couple were to take a moment to gaze into each other eyes, their intense feelings would cause an “awakening of the genitals”. If the couple just gently rocks instead of pumps, the position could lead to a more intense orgasm where both parties could climax together.

Adventurous couple Chris and Jojo gave it a try on the programme and described the experience as a ‘tingling build up of energy’ and ‘surreal’, but they did report a simultaneous orgasm.

So now you know something new to try in the bedroom.

Clip via Channel 4