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05th Jul 2017

Seth Rogen’s mam has absolutely mortified him on Twitter

Paul Moore

Russell Crowe definitely saw the funny side.

It’s very likely that your parents, or a member of your immediate family, has embarrassed you beyond belief on social media. Do you happen to have an an aunt that doesn’t know the different between a private message and a very public post on your Facebook wall?

If so, then you definitely have a few tales of woe to share.

If you’ve ever been absolutely mortified by a member of your family then you might be able to take some comfort in the knowledge that Seth Rogen knows exactly how you feel.

In Knocked Up, Rogen turns to his on-screen dad (Harold Ramis) for advice on parenting, but we’re not sure who the star of Superbad and This is the End will turn to after this raunchy tweet from his mam.

It’s somewhat fitting that his new film is called The Disaster Artist because the Hollywood star might say the same thing about his mother’s very open approach to Twitter.

If you think that your public humiliation at the hands of your family is bad, console yourself with this thought.

At least an Oscar-winning actor – and over 8 million Twitter users – didn’t find out!