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18th Jun 2017

Seth Rogen got blocked by Rob Schneider, and we’re all really confused about why

The strangest celeb feud of 2017

Wil Jones

Seth Rogen has written and starred in some of the most loved Hollywood comedies of recent years, including Superbad, Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Rob Schneider was in two Deuce Bigelow movies, and two Grown Ups movies. Just sayin’.

So yesterday, as best we can tell, Rogen was browsing through Twitter, possibly looking for news about Deuce Bigelow 3, when he made a shocking discovery: he’d been blocked by Schneider, seemingly for no reason.

He was completely in the dark as to how such a thing could happen.

He was also quite confused by Schneider’s Twitter header picture.

But don’t worry, the saga had a happy ending.

Erm, ok, that was weird…