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02nd Aug 2018

Creator of The Sinner says that Season 2 is going to be even more intense and thrilling

Paul Moore

The Sinner returns this month!

Rather than focus on the tale of a ‘who done it?,’ The Sinner flipped the genre on its head by focusing on the ‘why?’ This being said, very few people will have known that the beloved drama is actually based on a novel by Petra Hammesfahr.

Now that one case is definitely closed, where do the creators go next?

As we’ve seen in previous trailers, Cora (Jessica Biel) will not be returning but fear not because the mystery that’s at the heart of season 2 sounds even more intense than the debut season.

In the wake of the Cora Tannetti case, Detective Harry Ambrose is called back to his hometown in distant rural New York to assess a disturbing new crime: an 11-year-old boy’s horrific double-homicide and his seemingly inexplicable motive. As Ambrose comes to realise there’s nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from, his investigation leads him straight into the hidden darkness of his hometown and pitting him against those who’ll stop at nothing to protect its secrets.

In an interview with Variety,  Derek Simonds, writer of The Sinner, has said that the new season will be far more psychological because it’s going to delve into some very dark and disturbing aspects of Harry’s past.

“Season 1, I had designed deliberately with this idea that the experience with Cora just cracks the door open for Ambrose to investigate his psyche more deeply. He’s had a lot of these buried experiences in his past that he’s only glancingly referred to in season 1. … And so season 2 one of the main things I pitched from the start was, ‘Let’s learn more about Ambrose,” Simonds said.

It seems that we’re going to get flashbacks into Ambrose’s childhood, which draws thematic parallels to what’s going on with the main investigation. While “trying to save a child in the present,” Simonds says, Ambrose “ends up over-identifying” with Julian.

The new season will also explore “trauma and how people deal with trauma, how family systems affect people’s behaviour later in life, how we never really grow out of those experiences that we inherit from our parents,” said Simonds.

Bring. It. On.

Season 2 of The Sinner airs today in the U.S. and we’re fully expecting Netflix to pick it up for UK audiences.

Clip via – TV Promos