Season 2 of Netflix's hilarious cartoon Big Mouth has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and it's deserved 1 year ago

Season 2 of Netflix's hilarious cartoon Big Mouth has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and it's deserved

Fans are all loving one character in particular

If you've got no plans for the weekend and are tempted to stick on a new TV show to binge on, we can't recommend Big Mouth enough, especially if your sense of humour is, well, a little bit fucked up and juvenile.

This being said, like all great cartoons, there's some incredibly smart writing and as stated previously, season two has just been released on Netflix and it's an absolute triumph.

In case you haven't seen the show, here's what it's about.

Big Mouth deals with the physical and psychological horror show that is puberty, which in this case includes both a Hormone Monster for the boys (voiced by Nick Kroll, who also voices the fictional teenage version of himself) and a Hormone Monstress for the girls (voice by Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph).

Ok, if you haven't seen season one then consider this to be your spoiler alert because season two is an absolute treat.

Big Mouth

We all knew that the Hormone Monster is the MVP of the show because he gets all the best lines and his depravity knows no bounds.

After all, who else could get away with delivering lines like "Tell him to send a dick pic, girls love that, especially when it comes out of nowhere with like zero context" and "jam it in his mouth, just the sheer fucking degradation".

The dude is a creep but hell, he's funny.

Incredibly, season two has somehow managed to top the first season because the scope has gotten bigger and dare we say it - the show has actually gotten a bit more mature.

For example, the episode that's structured around Planned Parenthood is sheer genius while the whole arc about boobs is poignant, true and very funny.

The writers also shine a light on the impact that toxic masculinity can have in the episode that's set in 'Guy Town', and throughout the season, the creators never shy away from discussing sexuality, sex education, and the issues that most adults don't like to talk about with teenagers.

That being said, the image of the Hormone Monster 'coming in hot' via a paraglider with a massive banner that says 'Andrew Has a Boner' will always be hilarious!

Aside from this, the decision to switch the focus to some of the more peripheral characters from the first season like Coach Steve, and the introduction of new characters like The Shame Wizard and Gina was very clever.

We're going through changes and they're very welcome.

All things considered, season two of Big Mouth is a triumph - it currently has an 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes - and these critics agree.

Rolling Stone:"The voice cast is overflowing with performances so sharp and indelible, it makes it hard to look at the actors in other roles without thinking of them being menaced by disembodied furry penises."

Screenrant: "It all adds up to another raunchy, riotous, and sometimes uncomfortably relatable second season of what is a welcome addition to Netflix's lineup of adult-oriented animation."

New York Magazine: "Big Mouth is performing a public service. I'm dead serious when I say that this series deserves a Peabody Award."

The Guardian: "The series' insistence that sexuality isn't something to be afraid of resonates strongly at a time when it seems as though many adults could benefit from a crash course on human sexuality, as well as treating people with dignity and respect."

Big Mouth is currently available to watch on Netflix and here's a look at Season 2.

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