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22nd Apr 2017

Season 12 of the superb Always Sunny will be arriving on Netflix very soon

Paul Moore

Get the rum ham ready! The Gang are back.

To quote ‘British Dennis’ from the episode when ‘Charlie Rules the World’, “don’t be such a wanker. Life is all in your mind. If you believe it to be real, then it’s real. It’s your choice, it’s your universe and you are God.”

Well, with this in mind, we’re delighted to inform you that the new episodes of Always Sunny – which feature the Golden God himself – will be airing on Netflix in the coming weeks.

With two more seasons to come, the sublime It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is set to break history by becoming the longest-running live-action comedy series in history alongside The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Yeah, that news really helped us to get off.

If you haven’t seen Season 12 then you’re in for a treat because there are some truly hilarious moments, but in a rare break from the norm, the most recent episodes also offer a few very touching and genuine moments between the characters.

This being said, it also involves a disaster for Wolf Cola, Rickety Cricket being covered in shit and Frank admitting that he somehow managed to kill his Vietnamese sweatshop workers and feed them to his other employees via the world’s most f**ked up soup.

Never stop banging those hoooors Frank, never stop.

Listen up jabroni, if you’re a fan of the world’s best comedy then this is music to your ears. Hell, even if you’re not a fan of Always Sunny, you should start watching it now.

Why? Well, because of the implication.