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01st Dec 2017

Scarlett Moffatt had a very awkward moment on last night’s Extra Camp

Jade Hayden

Ah, Scarlett Moffatt.

Is there anything she can’t do?

She enthralled us all on Gogglebox for years and then turned her attention to presenting where she’s been delighting us on shows like Saturday Night Takeaway and now, I’m a Celeb’s Extra Camp.

She’s been fairly good at it too so fair play to her, gold stars all round.

There was, however, one thing that Scarlett wasn’t the best at… and that was interviewing former Chelsea footballer Gianfranco Zola about his ex-teammate Dennis Wise.

And that’s mainly because she literally couldn’t understand a word that man was saying via phone so she just kind of sat there, smiled and nodded.


Things got off to a (semi) good start with Scarlett saying that she was so excited to be speaking to such a legend.

But then everything, of course, went downhill from there.

When Scarlett asked Gianfranco what Dennis was like as a teammate, he said that he was “the best.”

He then said something else that Scarlett, and everybody else really, could not decipher.

So, in true Moffat fashion, Scarlett let an awkward silence to hang in the air for approximately one second and then said: “Yeah… I’m just really excited that he’s on the phone.”

This continued for a bit until Gianfranco asked Scarlett to repeat one of her questions because he couldn’t understand her either.


In fairness to them both, Italian and Durham accents evidently do not mix well.

They got there in the end anyway, the interview was an instant hit, Gianfranco went back to his life and Scarlett continued with the show.

Probably not one of the most positive experiences either of them has had but sure look, what can you do?


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