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18th Dec 2016

Saturday Night Live recreate Love Actually’s most famous scene with Hillary Clinton…

Trump will be furiously Tweeting about this as we speak

Carl Kinsella

Saturday Night Live’s coverage of the US election won a lot of praise throughout 2016, particularly Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Hillary Clinton.

The election might be over but SNL’s Hillary is still trying to stop Donald Trump any way she can, this time by pleading with an elector not to vote for Trump when the Electoral College convenes tomorrow.

Of course, t’is the season, so SNL have conveyed this message in a parody of Love Actually’s most famous scene  — where the guy who’s in love with his best friend’s wife tells her so through the medium of flash cards, prompting her to kiss him in what is a pretty overlooked act of betrayal.

The video is really funny but… a Presidential election Love Actually spoof with a reference or two to Russia thrown in? Where have we seen that before?

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