Matt Damon stars as David Cameron in Saturday Night Live’s savage Brexit sketch 3 years ago

Matt Damon stars as David Cameron in Saturday Night Live’s savage Brexit sketch

Not saying that whole world is laughing at us, but…

Last week was a rather quiet week for Theresa May, with her only having to deal with the anger from of her postponing the Brexit deal vote, then having 117 of her MPS vote against her in a no confidence vote, and then having a squabble with Jean-Claude Juncker in front of the cameras.


The fallout of all this has gone much further than just the British Isles – so much so that on the other side of the pond, Saturday Night Live even took a swipe at May.

On this weekend’s show, Kate McKinnon played Theresa May as part of “Happy Christmas, Britain” show. She opened up by dancing with some traditional British bobbies, before bringing out some guests.

First out was May’s predecessor, David Cameron – played by none other than Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon.


SNL regular Aidy Bryant then played Elton John, who delivered several presents to May from the nation – all of which ended up being full of excrement.

And then, because Americans can’t help themselves doing whenever anything British happens, they made a big Harry Potter reference.

The sketch aired at about five to midnight, just as the show ended. That 11.55pm slot on Saturday Night Live is traditionally used to throw in something completely off the wall, with no concern for if the general US viewer will get it or not (if they’ve watched the whole show already, it doesn’t matter if you lose them now).

We’re really not sure how many Americans will have gotten the jokes, but who cares. Kate McKinnon’s impression of May wasn’t exactly a completely accurate take, but it definitely captured the spirit of our increasingly desperate prime minister, and was very, very funny.


Though if we were pushed, it probably wasn’t quite as cutting as Danny Dyer saying that David Cameron was “in Nice with his trotters up” earlier this year.