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30th Jul 2018

WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen uses a “paedophile detector” on an American politician

Rudi Kinsella

Sacha Baron Cohen implied an American politician was a sex offender.

Baron Cohen, originally famous for his roles as Ali G and Borat, is taking the world by storm with his new show — Who Is America?

It features Sacha Baron Cohen dressing up in a number of disguises and confronting Americans over their views.

This week we saw Cohen posing as a liberal, calling a community meeting where he introduces plans to build a huge mosque in a small town as part of a multimillion dollar project.

The people of Kingman were not pleased with the news.

The most recent episode of the show features Cohen dressing up as an Israeli technology expert and using a fake device that can supposedly detect a rapist or a paedophile upon contact.

Cohen uses this device to accidentally-on-purpose accuse the American politician Roy Moore of being a paedophile. Moore has been accused by a number of women of inappropriate sexual advances, one of whom claimed the advances began when she was 14.

The “device” beeps every time it comes near Moore, causing him to storm out of the interview…


We also see Cohen dress up as a college professor and partake in a rap battle…

He raps against Atlanta-based rapper Ness Lee and the result is just bizarre.

Have a look for yourself here:


You can watch this episode in full on Channel 4 on Monday at 10pm.