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15th May 2023

S Club 7 rebrands following withdrawal of star from upcoming tour and Paul Cattermole’s death

Clodagh McKeon

S Club 7 rebrand as S Club

They will be performing as a five-piece on the tour

S Club 7 has rebranded to S Club following the withdrawal of band member Hannah Spearritt from their upcoming tour, and the death of Paul Cattermole earlier this year.

Paul Cattermole was the founder of the band and died at his home in Dorset on April 6 – he was just 46 years old.

In a video message on Instagram, the band announced they would be rebranding as S Club along with the news that Spearritt will not be joining them on their upcoming tour.

Spearritt will not join the band’s 25th anniversary celebrations which means the band will perform as a five-piece, and be known simply as S Club.

The number seven was removed from their website and social media over the weekend.

Band member Jon Lee said: “You’ve probably noticed that there’s only five of us here today, and although Hannah will always be part of S Club 7, she won’t be joining us on this tour.

“We wish her all the best for the future.”

The band members also paid tribute to Paul in their emotional video.

The five of them were reduced to tears but Lee said: “We have been in a bit of shock and it has taken a while for us to find the right words to describe how we feel about losing our brother Paul.”

Rachel Stevens said they are all taking the time to process Paul’s death and want to remember all the good memories they had together.

S Club’s Tina Barrett said: “It is just really sad, it is really really hard to process it right now.”

Bradley McIntosh also spoke about the devastating news, and said: “All still in so much disbelief, Paul was a big brother to us, all of us and you guys out there. He truly was a unique specimen of human being.

“No one could replace our Paul, he lives on inside in each and every one of us.”

The pop group also announced that their 25th anniversary tour will be renamed the ‘Good Times’ tour in memory of Paul.

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