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21st Apr 2017

Ryan Reynolds reacts to a fan getting Ryan Reynolds tattoo on his butt

He only went ahead and did it...

Rory Cashin

Ryan Reynolds has a funny effect on people.

Despite being rich and famous and really funny and really talented and being happily married to his beautiful wife and having a seemingly perfect life, we all still kinda love him and want to hang out with him and aren’t blinded by unspeakable jealously.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it feels like he was SO CLOSE to making it several times in his career, and it was only quite recently with Deadpool that he was finally pushed over the edge into superstardom.

Well, last month one of Ryan’s loyal fanbase – he calls himself @poolspidey on Twitter – tweeted Ryan, saying that if the actor liked his tweet, then he would get his name tattooed on his butt.

It didn’t take long for Ryan to see and like the tweet, and it also wasn’t long before PoolSpidey went out and got his name on his butt, in red and black lettering in honour of Deadpool’s favourite colours, just like he said he would.

It took a minute, but Ryan finally saw the end result – he’s obviously been very busy filming Deadpool 2 – but he did finally reply with the most Ryan Reynolds-esque reply you could imagine.

So there you have it. Mr. Reynolds held the fate of the man’s butt in the palm of his hands, and a simple Tweet like was enough for one man to change the face of his butt forever.

Never change, Ryan!