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26th Jul 2018

Ryan Reynolds is making a stoner version of Home Alone

Wil Jones

It’s going to be called Stoner Alone

Home Alone is great, right? A little kid is accidentally left behind when the rest of his family goes on holiday, and then two burglars try to rob the house, and the kid fights back with more and more violent and sadistic traps. What’s not to love? Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is also great (despite the Donald Trump cameo), though after that the series went into a quick downward spiral, with Home Alone 3 not having Macaulay Culkin, and parts four and five going straight to television.

It’s genuinely a surprise that there isn’t a reboot in the works for the series yet – it seems like nearly every other beloved 1980s classic has either been remade by now, or is at least slated to be.

What has been announced however is that Ryan Reynolds is set to produce a film clearly inspired by Kevin McCallister’s exploits – but instead of starring a cute kid, it will focus on a twenty-something pot head trying to defend his home from burglars.

The synopsis, according to Deadline, reads:

It centers around a twenty-something weed growing loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. He makes the best of things by getting high. Paranoia sets in and he believes he hears someone break into his house. Turns out thieves have broken in. Fully stoned and fueled by paranoia, he tries to thwart the thieves and defend his castle.

And the title? Stoned Alone.

This sounds…. interesting. Home Alone is actually well more violent than you remember, but it feels cartoonish as a kid is doing it. But coming from an adult, it might lose a lot of its charm.

Ryan Reynolds is on board to produce the film, but is presumably too old to take the lead. Augustine Frizzell (Never Goin’ Back), from a script by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider.