Ryan Reynolds destroys troll who criticised Make-A-Wish kids visiting the Deadpool star 2 years ago

Ryan Reynolds destroys troll who criticised Make-A-Wish kids visiting the Deadpool star

The foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Ryan Reynolds is very funny. Everyone knows this. He regularly posts gold over on Twitter, whether it's wishing his wife Blake a happy birthday by cropping her face out of a picture or refusing to hang his daughter's drawing on the fridge because "it's absolute garbage".

He does appear to be that rare case of someone famous being completely aware of how ridiculous the notion of their own celebrity is, and often displays humility well beyond his joker image.

After posting a series of images of a day spent with children from the American Make A Wish and the Canadian Children's Wish foundations, Reynolds lived up to his reputation and was quick to shut down a troll who questioned whether it was appropriate for the kids to be shown around the Deadpool 2 set and meet their hero, calling it "seriously wrong".

The commenter wrote: "Guys... Deadpool is R rated movie and those kids are watching it... Something is seriously wrong here..."

Get in the bin mate.

Fortunately, the Canadian actor wasted no time in hitting back at the poster, replying: "Yup. Deadpool is R. If my kid went through a fraction of the shit these kids deal with daily, I think they can watch whatever they like. That's just my 0.02 cents."

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The brave children, who are battling cancer, were part of an exclusive behind the scenes trip to the upcoming Marvel film's set, receiving their own personalised sword and getting to meet the man behind the mask.

It appears it's true what they say - not all heroes wear capes.

Some of them just wear a full red bodysuit, pistols, katana swords and tweet things like this: