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04th May 2017

Rumours gather that Christopher Nolan will be directing a Bond film

Paul Moore

The Dark Knight director could have his sights on 007.

Given that Christopher Nolan has frequently stated his love for the James Bond saga – he cites Goldfinger as one of the greatest films ever made – it’s not exactly a surprise to see his name being linked to the vacant director’s chair on the next Bond film.

In fact, there’s a set-piece in Inception that’s an overt homage to a sequence in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

We know that Sam Mendes won’t be returning to the 007 saga after the events of Spectre and the rumours about Nolan’s involvement with the Bond saga have recently gathered pace.

It appears that Nolan’s production company, Syncopy, will have some involvement with Bond 25, as per IMDB Pro.

As any fan of Christopher Nolan will know, the director of The Prestige and Memento usually directs the films that he produces.

Granted, any listing on IMDb’s public site should always be taken with a large grain of salt because it can be amended, but the fact that Syncopy is listed on the company’s subscription site for Bond 25 does give the rumour more substance.

If you’re looking for a reason to cast doubt on Nolan’s involvement as a director on Bond 25, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are currently writing a new script, and Nolan tends to direct films that he has written himself.

Also, given the fanfare and spectacle that the Bond films usually use to launch their new films, surely this announcement might be given a bit more spotlight and glamour? Still, maybe someone unearthed a gem on the internet?

Despite these points, if Nolan is associated with the James Bond franchise, it wouldn’t surprise anyone and if he is solely involved in Bond 25 as a producer, it would clearly set him up to direct Bond 26.

Next up for Nolan is the WWII epic Dunkirk.