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30th May 2018

Love Island contestants are going to have to stick to a rule they’ll struggle not to break

Jade Hayden

Could you deal with this?

Love Island‘s back next week and one thing that the contestants will probably be annoyed by is the villa’s rule about alcohol – essentially meaning that those staying there are only permitted one drink per night.

According to last year’s contestant, Tyla Carr, contestants only got one drink a night, or two drinks if something big was going to happen.

She told The Sun: “There’s one drink a night. And you know something’s happening because you’re allowed an extra drink.

“You know when something’s about to go down.”

And, in fairness, we can see why producers wouldn’t want to have alcohol too freely flowing in the villa either.

Love Island is, after all, supposed to be all about love and understanding and good clean fun. Obviously.

As well as this, on the show this year it’s thought that contestants won’t be allowed to smoke on camera due to the number of complaints the show received last year.


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