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08th Apr 2017

Rowan Atkinson “would be happy” to play Mr Bean again but there’s a catch

Paul Moore

We would love to see him back.

Rowan Atkinson was a guest at the opening session of the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival and in a very interesting discussion about his career, he was asked about the future of one of his most iconic characters.

Given that Mr Bean provided us all with more laughs than most other TV characters, who wouldn’t love to see the bumbling comedic genius back?

As you can see by the recent craze of photoshopping Mr Bean into various pictures, combined with a minor role in an upcoming Chinese comedy, there’s still a massive interest in the character.

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive and the star of Blackadder and Johnny English has been speaking about reviving the character.

Atkinson said: “He came back recently in China when I was over there to promote a comedy movie in which Mr Bean plays a small part and we do him in the animated thing, which is an easy thing to do because it’s just me in front of a microphone and I don’t have to get dressed up and dye my hair.

“That’s very important, that Mr Bean is a timeless ageless figure, which he can’t be because he’s played by a human being, but I like Mr Bean, I would be happy to do him again.”

While we would absolutely love to see Atkinson dust off the famous tweed jacket and skinny red tie, he did express some apprehension about returning to the role.

“I think maybe his time is past but I still find him funny. I do like his natural-born anarchy, he’s a child trapped in a man’s body and it’s fun to be childish,” Atkinson said.

We’re taking the ‘maybe’ to be the operative word from that above sentence.

If some TV studio or film company fancies the chance to revive one of the most beloved British comedies of all time, it appears that Rowan Atkinson is happy to take your call. Make this happen.

Quotes via – Examiner