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04th Jul 2017

Robert Pattinson’s excellent new heist drama is being compared to Scorsese

Paul Moore

It got a six-minute standing ovation at Cannes. 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Check this trailer out.

Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling.

Three actors that started their careers as teen heartthrobs but refused to be pigeonholed into a certain role or genre or ‘play it safe’ with their choices.

With this in mind, Robert Pattinson has had a Hollywood career that’s different to any of his contemporaries because the Twilight franchise has a level of fandom that’s unlike any other.

Since that series ended, Pattinson has carefully picking his roles and broadened his range with memorable turns in Cosmopolis , The Rover and The Lost City of Z , but we’re predicting that his new film, Good Time, will drive a stake through the hearts of anyone who just thinks he’s ‘that guy from Twilight.’

Ok, what’s it about?

After a botched bank robbery lands his younger brother in prison, Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) embarks on a twisted odyssey through New York City’s underworld in an increasingly desperate-and dangerous-attempt to get his brother out of jail. Over the course of one adrenalized night, Constantine finds himself on a mad descent into violence and mayhem as he races against the clock to save his brother and himself, knowing their lives hang in the balance.

The film screened at this year’s Cannes film festival and received a six-minute standing ovation.

In fact, The Telegraph paid it the best compliment – and provided a mouthwatering tagline – by saying : “Imagine a Michael Mann heist with Tarantino blockheads mistakenly given the duffel bag, or think back to sweating, desperate Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, and you get the idea.” Christ, if it’s that good then we are sold!

Vulture have also praised Good Time by saying that it’s like “a gritty, Scorsese-esque crime thriller filmed on the mean streets of Queens, New York.” To further emphasise this connection with the legendary director of Goodfellas and Mean Streets, the directors of Good Time, Josh and Benny Safdie are already Scorsese-endorsed (he’s producing their next movie)

Trust us, this is shaping up to be one of the year’s best releases.

Good Time hits cinemas on August 11.

Clip via – A24