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03rd Apr 2017

Ridley Scott looks set to direct a film about the Battle Of Britain

Paul Moore

This could be absolutely epic.

After the recent footage of Dunkirk left audiences breathless at CinemaCon, another pivotal period in the history of World War II looks set to be given the the big screen treatment because Ridley Scott looks set to direct a film about the Battle of Britain.

A quick reminder of Ridley Scott’s remarkable CV should get you excited about his upcoming film about RAF’s defense of the United Kingdom against the Luftwaffe.

Deadline are reporting that the film is a “passion project for Scott, who’s been keen to make a film version of what is known as “Britain’s finest hour” for some time.

Given the events that unfolded during this traumatic period, the Battle of Britain seems like a perfect film for Scott because the director has frequently displayed an ability to mix epic action and visuals (Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Blade Runner, Alien) with very intimate storytelling (Thelma and Louise, American Gangster, The Martian)

As we all know, the Battle of Britain saw 3,000 RAF men fighting the Luftwaffe in a battle which lasted 112 days. Aside from thousands of military casualties, around 90,000 civilians also lost their lives during an intense period of bombing.

Britain’s resilience and ultimate victory was one of the major turning points of World War II.

In terms of Scott’s immediate future, the English director will be unleashing Alien: Covenant into cinemas on May 19th. We can’t wait for both.