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28th Jan 2018

Chris from Mrs Doubtfire is unrecognisable as an adult

Orlaith Condon

A changed man.

It’s been 25 years since Mrs Doubtfire was released in cinemas. Yes, if you didn’t feel old before, you sure as heck do now.

Meat Loaf’s I’d Do Anything for Love was top of the charts, Britney Spears was beginning her rise to fame on The Mickey Mouse Club and, well, it was the 90s.

Yes, it was a simpler time and while it might seem like a long time ago, a lot of the things that were popular back then have made a major comeback in recent years.

However, some of those whose star burned bright back in 1993 have since fallen off our grid.

Matthew Lawrence was the 13-year-old boy who played the middle child in the Hillard family in Mrs Doubtfire.

Remember him?

Well, back then, people would have also known him as one-third of the Lawrence brothers – three siblings who held pride of place on many a teenager’s bedroom wall.

The brothers starred in the show, Brotherly Love for two years.

However, 25 years later and Matthew Lawrence is a fully adult man.

Now 37, Matthew focuses more on his music career as one-third of the band Still 3 with his brothers Joey and Andy.

However, he hasn’t totally neglected the screen as he made guest appearances on his brother Joey’s show, Melissa & Joey in recent years and reprised his role as Jack in the spin-off of Boy Meets World in 2015.

Matthew’s other half is not unknown to many either. He’s been dating professional dancer Cheryl Burke since July of last year.

Cheryl is best known for her work on Dancing with the Stars in the US where Matthew’s brother was a contestant back in 2006 which led to the pair’s first meeting.