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10th Nov 2018

GTA V’s Michael is hidden somewhere in Red Dead Redemption 2

Wayne Farry

red dead redemption 2

There’s a lot to find in Red Dead Redemption 2

Whether it’s murder mysteries, cigarette cards or something else, there is no shortage of random things to keep an eye on in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The new game from Rockstar has already become something of a cultural phenomenon in its short time on the shelves, and it doesn’t show any signs of relenting soon.

Part of the appeal of the game and its mysteries is the ambiguity behind them all, and the latest one could end up being the most sought after of them all.

I am talking about Michael from Grand Theft Auto V, who it turns out is actually in Red Dead Redemption 2, somewhere.

Ned Luke, the actor who played the role of one of GTA V’s main characters has confirmed as much, on Twitter, explaining that while his voice work was not used in the final game, his character model was.

This not so cryptic tweet has gotten players of the game excited, with many very keen on finding Michael. Some appear to believe that they already have, to varying degrees of success.