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27th Oct 2018

Behold Red Dead Redemption 2’s terrifying bear attacks in first person mode

Wayne Farry

red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one hell of a game

It’s got it all. And we’re going to list some of the “all” it’s got:

Horse testicle physics? Yep.

Beautiful snow that you can draw body parts in? Yessir.

A growing beard on your character that you need to shave? You better believe it.

A trust system with the aforementioned horse that you need to keep healthy? Yes. Yes. A million times yes.

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that Rockstar Games‘ latest offering – which has gained universal critical acclaim – has pretty much everything one might want in an open world game about the dying days of the Wild West.

As is often the case with their games, Rockstar have thought of everything, to the point that the developers even meticulously researched the different types of wildlife in the US at the time the game is set.

Each of these little intricacies all add to the immersion of the game, and none more so than the inclusion of bears.

Now, grizzly bears are not new to the Red Dead Redemption universe – in the original game John Marsden would often come up against them – but the addition of a first-person mode to Red Dead Redemption 2 makes encounters with bears all the more terrifying.

This is evidenced by the below clip, posted on Reddit by the user known as bamford_, which shows exactly how terrifying these magnificent beasts are when they’re trying to eat your face.