Watch as a rare Pokemon sighting causes mayhem in New York 5 years ago

Watch as a rare Pokemon sighting causes mayhem in New York

We're sure the hype around Pokemon Go will eventually die down, but it might be a while yet.

The augmented reality game has become more popular than even its developers anticipated, forcing a delay to its European release (it only officially landed in the UK last week).


You've probably seen its impact while just going about your daily business - if you've seen people walking down the street aimlessly while glued to their phones, before running off in random directions, Pokemon Go is probably to blame.

That was certainly the case in New York's Central Park, where a Vaporeon - one of the rarest Pokemon around - was spotted.

Its presence caused a near-stampede as New Yorkers rushed into the park in an attempt to capture it before anyone else. Some even got out of their cars to run in.


Clip via Woodzys

Vaporeon is an evolved form of a more common Pokemon, Eevee, and iDigitalTimes reports that there may be another way to get your hands on one.

According to their report, if you rename your Eevee 'Rainer' before evolving it, you can guarantee yourself a Vaporeon.


Much easier than fighting your way through all those crowds, surely. Snapchat