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01st Feb 2019

Radio 1 listener forced to listen to his mum’s dirty poem to his dad, live on air

Simon Lloyd

Having a bad day?

Rest assured that things can always be worse. Much, much, much worse…

What follows serves as a reminder of this, as one Radio 1 listener was given a toe-curlingly detailed account of his parents’ sex lives, via a dirty poem sent by his mum to his dad.

The listener, known as ‘Billy’, was subjected to his mother, a post woman, reading out the poem to his dad, a plumber, live on air during the Scott Mills Show.

As you can probably imagine, it’s excruciatingly bad – featuring plenty of blatantly suggestive lines disguised as references to their jobs.

We won’t bother telling you much more. Just scroll down, hit the play button and prepare to be a little bit sick in your mouth…

Poor, poor Billy.