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19th Apr 2017

Rachel Riley couldn’t help but laugh at this risque Countdown puzzle

Paul Moore

Yep, it’s definitely about water pistols.

While Countdown viewers watch the show in an effort to improve their linguistic skills and numerical proficiency – that’s fancy pants talk for knowing words good and other maths stuff too – there are still some events that can almost be timed like clockwork.

In recent weeks, we’re being treated to more and more profanity on the show. Long may this continue!

Yes, we’re fully grown adults but it still makes us laugh.

We’re certain that Rachel Riley was never sent to her headmaster for swearing in class but the incredibly likable presenter is quickly earning a reputation as a facilitator or filth.

Na, we’re only kidding.

Unfortunately for Riley, that’s just the way that those vowel and consonant cards have been dealt in recent weeks.

To her immense credit, she has managed to keep a straight face while staring the eventualities of  ‘bumhole‘, ‘shithead‘ and C – L – I – T – E – A – S – D in the face…well, in the show at least.

If Riley is wondering why her mentions might be a bit more active this afternoon, here’s why.

We can’t wait until its summer to use those water pistols again.

Yeah, that’s what everyone is thinking. Get your head out of the gutter!