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21st Jun 2019

QUIZ: Match the Peep Show quote to the character who said it

Reuben Pinder

Full marks? Chance would be a fine thing

Peep Show may have come to an end three and a half years ago, but that doesn’t stop us binge watching it every night until we fall asleep does it? The sitcom, featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, is among the top tier of television produced on these shores and holds a very special place in my heart, and hopefully yours.

Its unique POV style, vocalised internal monologues and cynical wit make it one of the most quotable TV shows of all time. So we’ve created a quiz to see whether you can match 20 great quotes to the characters who said them.

If, like me, you’ve watched it enough times to have pretty much memorised the entire script, this should be pretty straight forward.

If, like a normal person, you’ve watched it here and there but have not watched it back to back five times, it might be slightly more difficult.

Got a good recommendation for Netflix or Amazon? Seen something good on iPlayer? Let us know in our binge-watching group.

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